“Chaos on the page.” Finish Line Script

“There must be some semblance of reality.” Finish Line Script

“The premise behind the script is fascinating.” Blacklist

“The narrative device of the voice over tends to do more harm than good. It becomes cumbersome; simply by deleting all of that and letting the actions and visuals on screen fend for themselves, the script moves much quicker. Unfortunately that also means that the majority of the script disappears. Blacklist

“I’m a bit bemused.” Modernism/modernity

“The essay seems very narrow, and it is not clear what is at stake or why it matters.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy

“This is (a) quirky essay.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy

We tend to be somewhat wary of single-author work.” Modernism/modernity

“In my judgment, it may appear self-indulgent and extraneous.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy

“The essay assumes a high, almost unforgiving level of familiarity with Beckett’s texts, and I doubt whether the JSP readership will bring this specialization with them.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy

“The introduction is too long and too personal.” Journal of Beckett Studies